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Retore a SQL Backup while DB is in use

This is a very quick post just to keep track of a small SQL script that I always need when I restore a SQL backup file. The problem is that sometimes when we restore a SQL backup, this is in use and it prevents me for restoring. I receive the following error: Msg 3101, Level 16, State […]

Umbraco Migrate From SQL CE to SQL Server


Often, we start an Umbraco project using a database in SQL Compact edition because it is a quick an easy approach. This works during the development stage of an Umbraco project because is manageable, however as soon as it is deployed to a Live server or UAT server, it needs to change to a proper […]


NopCommerce and Universal Analytics – A Quick Fix

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I recently was required to update the Google Analytics code to the new Universal Analytics in a NopCommerce project. NopCommerce includes a widget called Google Analytics (project name Widgets.GoogleAnalytics) that uses the standard Google analytics code, however, this needs to be updated to the new code provided by Universal analytics. NopCommerce v3.3 now has an […]


Internet Explorer is NOT Dead: How To Test In IE7+ and old IE versions


As a digital agency we are required to do work for clients in just about any kind of industry. As experts in digital, we always try to push forward to use the latest trends in web development such as css3 animation, the latest jQuery plugins, etc.. However, and even though we follow web standards and […]


PageSpeed Insights with ASP NET MVC, C# and IIS7

Google PageSpeed Insights is an online tool that TRULY makes your websites faster. It is not difficult as some may think and with practice and good habits it should only require a few hours of work just before you launch your project. The benefits are greatly noticeable, for instance, you could reduce a page loading […]

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Visual Studio Tools: Most Useful Functions in Resharper


I use ReSharper now every day. A friend persuaded me to install it and give it a try. I was a bit sceptical at the beginning because I thought it would make my PC slower like with most other add-ons that run in the background. I was wrong. It took me a few days to get […]


An Umbraco Practical Example – A Case Study – Part 1


Umbraco is a great CMS platform and their community of developers and enthusiasts are really good too. However, learning to use it in real projects is quite difficult. In my opinion this is due to having some many versions being developed in parallel. A lot of the documentation found online refers to only one specific […]


What to Cover in an eCommerce Kick Off Meeting. A List of Kick off Meeting Topics

A kick-off meeting is the first and probably the most important meeting in any project. It gives an opportunity to everyone involved to talk for a few hours about everything related to the project. Therefore, it is important to cover every element as much as possible. I have done many kick-off meetings in the past […]

NopCommerce As A Platform Part 2


In part 1, I showed how nopCommerce source code is packed with so much reusable code that can be used in any platform and not just eCommerce. In part 2 I will now continue with the rest of modules that I think are useful for other systems. I realised that when we were asked to build […]


SagePay Server integration with nopCommerce 3.10 (source code available)

Sagepay server is an integration method that is a bit different from other standard methods. It is not a simple redirection method like Paypal standard, nor a direct full API integration. It is an option in the middle because it uses an iframe that is displayed inside your payment pages therefore users never leave your website and […]


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